Dowson Bread Bun and Roll Production Line

Industry standard for medium to fast bun, roll and pitta production.
Dowson Bun Roll and Pitta Production Line

Batching Panner

For the automated transfer of products
into trays (UK or Continental) ready
for the baking process.


Optional unit for the aligning of long
roll products before panning.

Wetting / Seeding / Dusting Unit

Can be added in the line for the wetting,
seeding and dusting of various
product lines.

Pinning /Pressure Unit

An optional item for the production
of pressed products such as baps,
tea cakes and burger buns, or it can be
used for the moulding of finger rolls.

First Prover

Dough balls are carried in mesh cups
through the prover. Proving times are
between 3 and 5 minutes depending
on product requirement.

Dowson Dough Divider Moulder

Capable of producing up to 600 dough
balls per minute with sizes ranging
from 14g to 175g.

Our complete production line for a wide range of morning goods

Our complete bun production line is perfect for medium to high production bakeries, producing anything from 3,000 to 36,000 units per hour depending on the product and configuration.

Reasons customers buy this machine.

Product Flexibility – Configurable for Buns, Rolls, Pittas and a wide range of morning goods.

Configurability – A variety of configurations including dividing, proofing, moulding, seeding and moistening allow for a wide range of product types.

High Through-put – Our production line can up to 36,000 portions per hour (depending on dough ball size and dough quality).

Low Maintenance – Designed for consistent portion control at high speed, fully capable of operating for long hours and continued shifts, with minimal maintenance.

Bun Line 600 x 400

Product Suitability

The Dowson Bun, Roll and Pitta Production Line is suitable for the following products ranges.

Bread buns

Bread Buns

Burger Bun

Burger Buns

Hotdog Roll

Hot Dog Rolls

Plaited Bread Roll

Bread Rolls

Pitta Bread


Baton Loaf

Small Baguettes

Built for speed and flexibility

The Dowson Bun, Roll and Pitta Production Line was designed so medium to large bakeries could quickly produce a wide range of products on a single production line. 30 years later it is still one of the industries most loved production lines.

Complete Oven Ready Production Line

From dough mixing and portioning through to proofing, shaping and seeding, the Dowson Bun, Roll and Pitta production line is the perfect pre-oven production line for product variety and speed.

Low Maintenance Operation

With innovative features such as the automatic seeder for wetting and topseeding rolls and automatic disinfection and drying of swinging trays before refilling means the line can easily be operated by a single person

High Capacity

Capable of producing up to 36,000 products an hour.

Production Line Component Specifications

Below are the key features and specification for each component part of the Dowson Bun, Roll and Pitta Production Line. A more detailed data sheet is available for download below the Technical Specifications table further down this page.

Dowson Bun and Roll Line



For a more detailed specification, please download the technical datasheet:

Dowson Food Machinery - White

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