Dowson Tortilla Production Line

Our tortilla press has been designed for speed and ease of maintenance.
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Stacker and
Inspection System

Digital eye spots and removes
defects at speed.

Cooling Conveyer

Product cooling in a reduced footprint.

Tortilla Oven

Electric, Gas and Infrared versions

Dough Ball Press

Sophisticated electrical solenoid press
for far superior results over traditional
hydraulic presses. 

First Prover

Dough balls are carried in mesh cups
through the prover. Proving times are
between 3 and 5 minutes depending
on the line speed.

Dough Handler

Capable of producing up to 300 dough
balls per minute with sizes ranging
from 28 to 150g.

Complete Tortilla production line
from mixing to bagging.

The full process for flour tortillas, chapati, wraps, pittas and other flat breads, from mixing through to stacking, can be provided by this industry leader, incorporating bucket lift, dough divider/moulder, precise drop box system, intermediate prover, all-electric press, oven, cooler, vision system and stacker.

Reasons customers buy this machine.

Dowson Design – Every component has been designed for optimum performance.

High Through-put – Our production line can run in access of 54,000 units per hour.

Low Maintenance – Designed to run 24/7 with minimum maintenance.

Product Suitability

The Dowson Tortilla Production Line is suitable for the following products ranges.





Pitta Bread








Image Gallery

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Built to impress.

Every component of our Tortilla production line has been carefully considered and designed for optimum performance. From the greater pressure control from the electric press right through to the high through-put capable up to 54,000 units per hour.

Complete Production Line

From mixing to bagging, the Dowson Tortilla line is a complete production line designed to be reliable, low maintenance and delivering a high product through-put 24/7.

Highly Configurable

Due to the nature of the design and construction, the Dowson Tortilla line can be set up to produce a variety of products from Tortilla and Pitta to Wraps and Chapati.

Oven Options

The Tortilla line comes with the latest oven burner with electronic pilot ignition, however infrared burners are available.

Low Maintenance

Like all Dowson equipment, the Tortilla Line is designed to be easy to clean and reconfigure to maximise run time.

Production Line Component Specifications

Below are the key features and specification for each component part of the Dowson Tortilla Production Line. A more detailed data sheet is available for download below the Technical Specifications table further down this page.

Dowson Tortilla Production Line
Tortilla line identification

Technical Specifications

The Dowson Tortilla Production Line has the following technical specifications. A pdf with more detailed information is available below.



Production Capacity

Single Divider with Control:
25 Ball to 6 inches – up to 27,000 pieces per hour
16 Ball to 8 1/2 inches – up to 19,200 pieces per hour
9 Ball to 12 inches – up to 10,800 pieces per hour

Twin in-line Divider with Control:
25 Ball to 6 inches – up to 54,000 pieces per hour
16 Ball to 8 1/2 inches – up to 38,400 pieces per hour
9 Ball to 12 inches – up to 19,440 pieces per hour



52” press / 1300mm press
Length: 32.5m
Height: 3.5m
Width: 2.8m


For a double drop

52” press / 1300mm press
Length: 34.5m
Height: 4m
Width: 3.2m


Power requirements

380/440 volts in 3 Phase
50 Hz 30 amp (can be modified to customer requirement)
Main Motor: 2.2kW Motor
Mitsubishi, Siemens or Rockwell inverter
All functions controlled by a PLC


For a more detailed specification, please download the technical datasheet:

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