Dowson Food Machinery has a well-earned reputation for manufacturing innovative and reliable bakery equipment, and indeed, Dowson slicers and baggers have set the industry standard in the UK for over 30 years. Bakeries large and small specify Dowson; some bakeries specify nothing else.

Today, variants of Dowson slicer, bagger and splitter units are in use all over the world, where they operate successfully with all types of loaves including those with rye, fruit, gluten-free etc.

But we also manufacture other Bakery Equipment such as the following

Specialist Slicers
As well as manufacturing loaf slicers which couple up to the loaf baggers, we also manufacture specialist slicers for different products including garlic bread baguettes, bloomers, round loaves and extra wide loaves
Bagel Baggers
We can supply hand fed or automatic bagel bagging systems which include conveyors, a collator and penny stacking system
Crumpet Lines
As well as tortilla and bun lines, we have also designed a crumpet line
Pan-O-Mat dividers
Over the years we’ve sold many Pan-O-Mat dividers which are often used for ‘sloppy’ doughs
Bespoke Conveyors
We’ve suppled many different types of conveyors to fit different requirements throughout the food industry
Oven Loaders
We’ve designed and manufactured a very successful oven loader which can be modified to suit individual requirements
Elements from Lines
Our tortilla and bun lines comprise of many elements which can be offered as replacements in existing lines, these elements include intermediate provers, ovens, tortilla press, coolers, panners, etc.

Due to our highly experienced design team combined with our in-house engineering skills, we are sometimes asked to supply individual line elements to retrofit into existing lines, such as all-electric presses, conveyors, provers and ovens, so please discuss your needs with us.

Significantly, Dowson’s reputation has meant that much of its business comes through recommendation.