The Dowson Bun line is a well-established machinery line which can handle up to 30,000 units per hour, offering industry-leading versatility and with particularly high standards of hygiene and safety for the cleanest bakery environment. Along with the Dowson Divider, the Dowson Bun Line can also include intermediate provers, lane pressure boards, pinning units, flour dusters, enrober conveyor, wetter/seeder conveyor, panner and cross conveyor. These various elements allow a wide variety of buns and rolls to be produced with many different types of dough, including speciality dough such as gluten-free mixes.

This modular and versatile design allows configuration to your precise requirements. Incorporating the latest in bakery equipment technologies, along with many innovative features, the Dowson Bun line delivers the highest performance and best quality results, 24 hours a day.

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  • Ability to produce product of different shapes and sizes (i.e buns, rolls, etc.)
  • Ability to deal with different dough types including more ‘healthy doughs’ containing rye, gluten free etc.
  • British made and fully tested in-house
  • Modular construction allows for flexibility and future additions to the line
  • The Seeder element allows the product to be seeded which is becoming increasingly desirable in the modern health conscious industry.
  • No requirement for dough feeding system means less product handling
  • Engineered for 24-hour operation
  • Safety interlocks to regional regulations
  • Air/oil system allows for some products to have flour free moulding and faster changeovers
  • Handles most dough types (up to 62% water to flour) including high percentage sponge doughs
  • Stainless steel construction, designed to maximise levels of hygiene, cleanliness and efficiency
  • Easy to clean and maintain

As with all Dowson equipment, the Dowson Bun Line is set up and tested in-house prior to dispatch