Designed for high throughput production of a full range of tortilla sizes, the Dowson Tortilla Line is fully automated for fast product changes and can be fed from a Dowson Divider-Moulder. The most critical component of any tortilla line is the press system, and Dowson has developed a reciprocating, all-electric press. This means the Dowson Tortilla Line achieves high-speed torque and positional control for accuracy, with no risk of oil leaks and improved hygiene as it uses electric servo actuators instead of hydraulic actuators. The horizontal stroke achieved by the linear motors enables high acceleration and accurate belt tracking control, both of key importance in making tortillas.

The full process for flour tortillas, from mixing through to stacking, can be provided by this industry leader, incorporating bucket lift, dough divider/moulder, precise drop box system, intermediate prover, all-electric press, oven, cooler, vision system and stacker.

With the correct dough formulation, these lines can also be used to produce high quality chapati's.

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  • Vision system for quality control
  • High level of hygiene
  • Robust design for continuous use
  • Stainless steel construction designed to maximise levels of hygiene, cleanliness & efficiency
  • Multiple emergency-stops throughout the line ensure highest safety levels
  • Safety interlocks to regional regulations
  • Full lines laid out and tested in-house to ensure seamless operation on site

Safety is paramount with all Dowson equipment and the Dowson Tortilla Line is no exception