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At Dowson we all share the same principle – ‘never over-engineer’. It has served us and our customers well for 40 years.

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We have been producing simple, effective and reliable industrial bakery equipment since 1984.

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Engineers from the start.

Dowson Food Machinery was established in Yorkshire in 1982 under the skilled entrepreneurship of founder John Murgatroyd. It soon established a reputation for providing quality British engineering solutions to sometimes complex bakery challenges, and before long was supplying bespoke equipment and service support to many of the UK’s leading bakery groups as well as to smaller independent and artisan bakeries.

Dowson’s bread baggers and slicers became the leading standard for the industry, due to their engineering excellence and renowned reliability.

The company later began to export specially designed machines around the world as its reputation grew and today Dowson supplies to almost every continent from its base in West Yorkshire.

Sadly, John passed away in 2015 but in the words Warburtons Bakery had engraved on a plaque for one of their Dowson Baggers, ‘John ‘leaves a legacy of innovation for future generations to come’.

More than just Baggers and Slicers.

Over the decades, as our customers’ needs have expanded into speciality breads, flatbreads and rolls, so we have developed new equipment to meet those needs and Dowson are now proud to offer an extensive range of bread production equipment for a variety of bread related products.

We design new machines to specific customer requirements and have extensive in-house manufacturing facilities, making almost everything that we sell so we can testify to its high quality.


From our 48,000 sq ft factory in Keighley, West Yorkshire, Dowson Food Machinery servers both UK and international markets.

The offices now incorporate CAD and SolidWorks capability. Facilities include an in-house machine shop, welding and fabrication, a bead blasting bay and paint booth, along with a full in-house electrical section.

Dowson Facilities
Dowson Capabilities


We also have a food machinery assembly area which allows us to lay out complete lines in our factory for testing prior to despatch, usually with ‘live’ product, which ensures that installation and commissioning of Dowson equipment go as smoothly as possible on site.

Our combination of factory equipment and skilled engineers means we are able to manufacture almost 90 per cent of the components that make up our products. This gives us better quality control ensuring our equipment works better for you, from day one.

Engineering Know-How

Our in-house engineering team includes skilled machinists who have been with Dowson for over 20 years. We have experienced engineers working throughout the company, young apprentices that we are training ourselves, and a diverse senior management team bringing valuable experience from within and outside Dowson.

Our sister company, Spooner Industries, specialises in industrial ovens, dryers, coolers, provers and proofers, and energy recovery equipment, complementing our expertise in the bakery sector and providing a similar level of superb engineering excellence.

Dowson engineering expertise is second to none and is reflected in our ever-expanding range of specialist bakery products.

Dowson Engineers
dowson servicing

Customer Support

We also provide first-class support and back-up for our existing equipment in service, wherever it may be in the world. This includes service and maintenance agreements as well as spares and advice.

We have developed many unique machines over the years and are happy to discuss your specific requirements, providing workable solutions to your bakery needs and challenges.

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Questions before you buy?

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Food Machinery Ranges

Our design ethos is ‘never over-engineer’.

All our equipment is stripped back to only what is needed to do the job, making our machines famously reliable and cost effective.