Free Bake Thru’ Blade Slicer

Fast, consistent slicing for Free Baked (non-tin) products, up to 65 items a minute.
Dowson B51 High Speed Bread Slicer

Product Versatility

Slices any non-tinned baked product.

Accurate Adjustment

Adjust both the blade height and upper belt for ultimate product control.

Rapid Change Over

As all1 blades are frame mounted, swapping for new products takes minutes.

High Speed Slicing

The Free Bake Thru' Slicer is capable of up to 65 loaves a minute.

Fast and effective slicing for non-tinned baked products.

The Dowson Free Bake Thru’ Blade Slicer delivers perfect slicing in the region of 65 loaves per minute for free baked products up to 340mm in length.

Five reasons customers buy this machine.

Flexibility – Slices a wide variety of product sizes and shapes.

Speed – 65 loaves per minute.

Minimum Waste – Super cutting accuracy with minimum crumb loss.

Low Maintenance – Quick change blades, easy to clean and maintain.

Compatibility – Fits all production lines, works especially well with Dowson Baggers.


Product Suitability

The Dowson Free Bake Thru’ Slicer will handle a wide range of products and still maintain a high speed through-put.

Free Bake Bread

Artisan Loaves

Baton Loaf

Baton Loaves

Tinned Loaves

Tinned Loaves

Artisan Bread

Rye Breads

Dowson Bagger

Connects to all Dowson Baggers

Existing Production Line

Fits into any existing production line

A highly versatile slicer with high product through-put.

The Dowson Free Bake Thru’ Blade Slicer was designed to handle a variety of free baked products while still maintaining a high speed through-put with minimum crumb loss.

Perfect for non-tinned loaves.

The Free Bake Thru’ Slicer uses a clever combination of belt conveyors and blades to cut even the most delicate of baked products irrespective of size or shape.

Fully adjustable.

With both the blade height and the upper belt being fully adjustable, a wide range of products can be easily sliced.

Hand or Conveyor Feeding

Although designed for a production line, the Free Bake Thru’ Slicer also be hand-fed making it a popular choice for growing bakeries.

Quick and Easy Product Changeover

As the cutting blades on the Free Bake Thru’ Slicer are mounted on a frame, different frames can be produced for different production lines or slice thickness for rapid change over in minutes.

Technical Specifications

The Dowson Free Bake Thru’ Slicer has the following technical specifications. A pdf with more detailed information is available below.



Slicer Size

Width – 1870mm
Length – 890mm
Height – 1450mm


Work inlet height

From 1200mm +/- 100mm on the feet



Approximately 750Kg


Electrical options

230/240/380/460V 3 Phase, 50/60Hz


Loaf Size Dimensions

Loaf length: ???mm to ???mm
Loaf Width: ???mm to ???mm
Loaf Height: ???mm to ???mm


Cutting Stroke

65mm for most products


Slice Widths

From 6mm up to 25mm


Up to 3600 loaves per hour (shape dependent).


For a more detailed specification, please download the technical datasheet:

Dowson Food Machinery - White

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