SP80 Bread Bagger

High Speed Bagging for a wide variety of bread types
Dowson Bread Baggers

Handles all loaf sizes

 The SP80 allows for the bagging of a wide variety of loaf sizes including Artisan breads and half loafs.

Servo Motors

The SP80 uses multiple servo motors for complete handling control, easily programmed with the HMI unit. 

Plastic or Paper

The Dowson SP80 can use both plastic or paper bags for packaging.

High Speed

The SP80 can operate continuously at 65 bags per minute.

High speed bagging for all loaf shapes and sizes.

The Dowson ML80 Bread Bagger utilises servo motors for each part of product handling, allowing a wide range of product shapes and sizes to be bagged in either paper or plastic bags, up to 65 loaves per minute.

Five reasons customers buy this machine.

flexibility – The SP80 can handle a wide variety of bread shapes and sizes including half loaves.

Versatility – Handles both plastic and paper bags.

Speed – Capable of bagging 65 loaves per minute.

Low Maintenance – Safe to operate, easy to clean and maintain.

Compatibility – Fits all production lines, works especially well with Dowson Slicers.


Product Suitability

The Dowson SP80 High Speed Bread Bagger is suitable for the following.

Tinned Loaves

Tinned Loaves

Half Loaves

Free Bake Bread

Artisan Breads

Artisan Bread

Rye breads

Dowson Slicer

Connects to all Dowson Slicers

Existing Production Line

Connects to any existing production line

High speed bagging for all sizes and shapes of loaves.

The Dowson SP80 Bread Bagger is an enhanced version of our classic ML70 with the capability to handle a wider range of loaf shapes and sizes.

Bag a variety of different loaf sizes

The SP80 has been modified to allow for loaves of any shape or size to be quickly and efficiently bagged.

Handles Paper or Plastic bags

Due to the way Dowson Baggers apply the bags means they are equally efficient with either paper or plastic packaging.

HMI Operation

All the adjustments for different product sizes on the SP80 can be easily controlled via HMI.

Servo Driven Motors

The SP80 uses servo driven motors for every aspect of the bread handling giving you complete control over the product handling while still maintaining high bagging rates.

Technical Specifications

The Dowson SP80 High Speed Bread Bagger has the following technical specifications. A pdf with more detailed information is available below.




Width: 2412mm
Length: 3735mm
Height: 1997mm


Infeed Height



Max Loaf Size

Width: 140mm
Length: 330mm
Height: 170mm



Approx: 750Kg


Power Requirements

380/440 volts in 3 Phase
50 Hz 30 amp (can be modified to customer requirement)
Main Motor: 2.2kW Motor
Mitsubishi, Siemens or Rockwell inverter
All functions controlled by a PLC



230/240/380/460V 3 Phase, 50/60Hz


Bagging Speed

Bags up to 65 loaves per minute.


Air Requirements

80 psi/5.5 bar
12 cubic feet per minute (340 litres per minute)


For a more detailed specification, please download the technical datasheet:

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