Constructed to handle a variety of loaves, in a well-proven design, this is a fully automatic bread slicer for use in industrial and semi-industrial environments.

As well as being reliable, this heavy duty reciprocating design is versatile. Ensuring minimal crumb wastage and consistent slice thickness, this reciprocating mechanism also provides the ability to deal with all types of speciality loaves including rye, gluten-free and fruit breads. Linking seamlessly with the Dowson Bagger, the Dowson slicer achieves identical feed rates as well as a compact footprint.

Along with many other features allowing customisation, Dowson have a design which is specifically designed to deal with the increasingly popular artisan style bloomer and rounded loaves.

The Dowson slicer is a high-capacity machine which is made for many years of heavy duty and reliable operation.

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  • Available with high-efficiency motors up to eff1 standard
  • Safety interlocks to regional regulations
  • Low maintenance and simple to maintain
  • Removable guards for easy cleaning
  • Automatic switch-off if there’s a blade break
  • Excellent smooth slicing system, minimal crumb wastage
  • Rigid and long lasting construction, built for continuous use
  • Manually adjustable blade tension
  • British Made and fully tested in-house

The Dowson slicer is built for decades of heavy duty operation